Pink Rosé Festival 2nd Edition 7-8-9 February 2018 | Palais des Festivals – Cannes



The Pink Rosé Lounge at ProWine China this November 2017 in Shanghai, by the organizers of the PinkRoséFestival in Cannes.

The idea is to showcase the diversity and extraordinary wealth of Rosés production worldwide. We truly believe Rosés suit best Asian gastronomy and will boom is Asia in the coming years.

The Pink Rosé Lounge Tasting zone will be open to all the Exhibitors who wish to present their labels of rosé.

Bottles will be displayed and buyers will be able to get a tasting with a dedicated sommelier. The bottles’ display is fully enclosed so that visitors cannot serve themselves and the sommelier will control the chilled bottles and serve samples to visitors.




On top of this, the Pink Rosé team will hold Master classes for VIP buyers interested in the Rosé market. 

The buyers will be given a plate of classic Chinese finger food (4-5 pieces) to enjoy with the Rosés wines.

For each type of food, 2 to 5 wines will be tasted and commented by the Sommelier.

These bento boxes will be prepared and we will display a video of the chef preparing these meals.

This video will be showcased in the Pink Rosé Lounge during the wine pairing.

These master classes will be filmed and this content will be given to the buyers after the show to contribute to the Rosé experience along the year on social media like WeChat and on buyers’ websites.


How to participate to the Pink Rosé Lounge?

To have one Rosé Label into the Tasting Zone during the 3 days of the show = 130 euros paid to PinkRoséFestival organizers.

We will need 3 bottles - approx. depending on actual consumption.

To have one Rosé Label into one Master class = 170 euros paid to PinkRoséFestival organizers. We will need 1 bottle for this.

Please email before October 15th.

Priory will be given to exhibitors who register their interest first.

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